General Rules/Algemene Reëls
  1. There is a set of general rules that are applicable to all sections, but there is also a set of rules applicable to each specific section.  Please ascertain that participants and parents are aware of both sets of rules.
  2. These rules may be altered by the executive committee. Failure to comply with the rules may lead to disqualification.
  3.  All complaints, comments and/or recommendations may be sent
  4. The committee or its individual members will not be held responsible for any injury or contingency that may arise from participation in the Eisteddfod.
  1. DATES:  The Limpopo Eisteddfod takes place in two separate competition periods.  The early competitions take place during MAY, which are the sections for DANCE and Afrikaans REDENAARS.  During the AUGUST periods the competitions for VOCAL, INSTRUMENTAL and DRAMA will be held.  Therefore careful note should be taken for the relevant CLOSING DATES of the different competitions. Please Note:  Late entries will be allowed; at an additional levy of 50% of original entry fee.
  2. NB:  Please take note that CLOSING DATES will be strictly observed.
  3. Entries can ONLY be submitted ELECTRONICALLY on our website at  Payment of entry fees are then done simultaneously by using our PayFast portal.
  4. All information should be given fully and correctly, to ensure correct spellings of names on certificates.
  5. CODES are of special importance to ensure that participants are entered in the correct sections.
  6. Where AGES for participants are specified, the age on 30 June of the current year should be applied.  In sections where ages or grades are specified for GROUPS, learners are entered according to the highest age or grade in the group.
  7. Entry fees are specified for each section separately.
  8. Only ONE certificate will be awarded to group items consisting of FIVE or more participants.
  9. NB:  NO CHANGES between items will be allowed once the programme has been finalised
  1. If the exact dates and times have not reached participants at least 10 days prior to participation, please contact the organizers.  In cases where allocated times clash, please notify the organisers immediately.
  2. Participants  must to ready to perform at least 15 minutes before the specified time.
  3. Participants and accompanists who arrive late may forfeit their right to perform.
  4. Any participant may be invited by the Committee to perform at the Gala Concert.
  1. Participants will only be allowed to perform in the stipulated session.
  2. It is the responsibility of the entrant and/or the person who made the entries to make sure of the time and venue of any performance. NO negotiations will be conducted at the Eisteddfod to perform on any other time than the one indicated on the programme.
  3. The decision of the adjudicator is final and no discussion and/or correspondence in connection herewith will be allowed.
  4. There may in NO WAY be communicated with the adjudicator before, during or after a competition by participants, their family or teachers.
  5. No problems will be dealt with at die adjudicator’s table.  If any problems arise, they must be referred to the organiser of the section who will decide on appropriate action.
  6. Directly after completion of a session, each participant will receive a report.  NB: The reports will be written by the adjudicator in the language of his/her choice (Afrikaans or English.  Symbols and stamps will be awarded as follows:

    For percentages

    95 – 100          Gold Star:        A+++
    90 -100            Big Gold:         A++
    85 – 90            Gold:   A+
    80 – 84            Gold:   A
    75 – 79            Silver:  B+
    70 – 74            Silver:  B
    65 – 69            Blue: C+
    60 – 64            Blue: C

  7. Certificates will be handed out as soon as possible after adjudication.
  8. Certificates are printed according to information on entry forms.  All information must be controlled beforehand for accuracy.  If a certificate must be reprinted due to a mistake on the entry form, a fee of R100 will be payable.  In such cases, the certificates will be printed only if the request is accompanied by proof of payment of the fee.
  9. In sections where Own Choice of works are permitted, a copy of the work presented must be handed in at the adjudicator’s table. If not collected, these copies will be destroyed after the Eisteddfod.   In order to avoid infringement of Copyright Laws, original copies of pieces presented must be available.
  10. In cases where unpublished works or arrangements are resented, participants are expected to obtain permission to perform and/ or duplicate such works.
  11.  Information regarding the Copyright Act may be obtained from SAMRO (South African Music Rights Organization.
  1. An Eisteddfod is a formal occasion, and a neat appearance is crucial.  School uniforms may be worn; otherwise clothing that is suitable for the formal character of the Eisteddfod is expected.
  2. Take note that any extravagant or improper clothing is strongly deprecated.
  3. In the DRAMA section, specific clothing is required for certain items.
  1.  Entry fees are indicated for each item in the different sections.
  2. Entries are facilitated automatically on our website at,
  3. Payments are also made on the website via our PayFast portal – similar to buying items online.
  4. No entry fees are refundable.
  1. The decision to make any award rests with the adjudicator and is binding and final.
  2. In cases where work is not considered of satisfactory standard, it is the prerogative of the adjudicator to withhold any award.
  3. Where provision is made for specific Sections and/or Categories, an additional certificate may be awarded to the winner of such a section or category.  Such awards will be specifically mentioned in the syllabi.
  4. Only awards that have specifically been mentioned in the syllabi, may be made.


Geen dansafdeling vir 2024 nie”/ “No section for dance in 2024



Closing date for entries:                   Thursday 19 April 2024

Late entries @1½ original fee:          Wednesday  26 April 2024

Competitions:                                      Tuesday 14 May 2024



Closing date for entries:                                Friday 19 July 2024

Late entries @1½ original fee:                       Friday 26 July 2024

Competitions:                                                  19 – 22 August 2024



Closing date for entries:                                 Friday 23 August 2024

Late Entries @1½ original fee:                       Wednesday  30 August 2024

Art works to be submitted for mounting: Wednesday 30 August 2024

Gala Art Exhibition:                                         Wednesday 18 September 2024


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