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We sincerely hope that we may experience a better year healthwise, as the previous two.  We are therefore looking forward to competitions where participants can show their talents in the usual way.  Despite the current situation, which is still marred by much uncertainty, we are are planning our competitions in good faith so that participants may have the opportunity they deserve.

Our strategy for this year is as follows:  We plan to go ahead with our entries, but please observe closing dates for entries very carefully.  Do remember that late entries incur a higher entry fee.  If any of the planned competitions cannot go ahead for WHATEVER reason, we’ll simply postpone the dates.   In such a case, postponement of dates may have an effect on dates agreed upon with ADJUDICATORS.   Even if THIS may happen, we could always have an informal ARTS FESTIVAL (in big venues with smaller audiences), and still reward learners with a certificate of participation.

We therefore invite you to give our children the opportunity to hone their skills with this unique experience.

Thanking you in anticipation for your understanding and support.

Chair Person

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