1. Candidates who do not adhere to the rules will be disqualified.
  2. Entry fees will not be refunded if an entry is withdrawn.  When an entry is withdrawn, another participant may not take the place of the withdrawn entry.
  3. Where age is specified, the age of a participant will be his/her age on 30 June.  The age of the oldest participant in a group item, will determine where the group may enter.
  4. No participant or member of the audience may enter or leave the hall during a session.
  5. When called upon the participant must hand in a copy of their music to the adjudicator.  If no copy of the music is available the adjudicator reserves the right to cancel the performance of the participant.  Original music must be available in the hall.
  6. Recurring pieces should be left out, except in Minuet/ Scherzo and Trio.
  7. The same piece may not be presented more than once by the same participant in different items. Participants may only perform once in a specific section, unless they play different instruments.
  8. An Instrumental Recital should consist of THREE works, from different periods. The three works must be performed within the time allocated for the item.
  9. Certificates will be printed with the information given on the online entries.  Make sure that the spelling of names is correct on your entry.
  10. Participants who are late, will not be allowed to take part.
  11. NO microphones and backtracks are allowed in this section.
  12. Participants may be penalised if they exceed the time limit.
  13. Cellphones must be switched off during performances.
  14. DRESS CODE:  An Eisteddfod is a formal occasion, participants will be expected to dress accordingly.  School uniforms are preferred. Please take note that that inappropriate or indecent clothing is strongly deprecated.
  15. AWARDS:  A Special Sertificate of Merit will be awarded for HIGHEST AVERAGE MARK achieved in THREE items in the instrumental section where Examination grades are specified.
    Awards will be made in the following categories:  Pre-gr.1 – Gr.2; Gr. 3-5; Gr. 6-8. These awards will only be made for ahievements of particularly high standards.


Dates for 2019:

Wednesday 5 June - Closing date for entries

Friday 14 June -  Late entries close.  PLEASE NOTE: Late entries will be accepted after 5 June, when a levy of 50% of the original fee will be payable.  NO ENTRIES will be accepted after 14 June.

Monday 19 – Friday 23 August -  Competitions

Thursday 29 August - Gala Concert



Solos: R90 Recital performance: Fees specified seperately.

Duos: R150 Trios: R180

Percussion Band: R300 



Entry fees are indicated for each item in the different sections.

Entries are facilitated automatically on our website at www.limpopo-eisteddfod.co.za,

Payments are then made simultaneously on the website via our PayFast portal – similar to buying items online.

No entry fees are refundable.


Instrumental Solos – Section A

In this section participants enter ACCORDING TO AGE. Where age is specified, the age of a participant will be his/her age on 30 June 2018.  

Participants may present any works of their own choice. A copy of the work presented must be given to the adjudicator.

It is expected that music of a high quality is presented.  No pop music or performances with backtracks will be allowed.

Entry Fee:  R90 per item.

Instrumental Solos – Section B

In this section participants enter in accordance with Exam grades.  The prescribed pieces of any of the recognized examination bodies, eg. UNISA, ABRSM, Trinity College, etc may be presented. Pieces from previous syllabi for the same grade will also be allowed.  Copies of work presented must be provided to the adjudicator.

Participants in this section will be eligible for the award as CATEGORY WINNER. The participant who achieves the HIGHEST AVERAGE mark for THREE items in this section, will receive a Special Certificate in recognition for this achievement. Awards will be made in the following categories:  Pre-gr.1 – Gr.2; Gr. 3-5; Gr. 6-8.

These awards will only be made for achievements of particularly high standards.

Entry Fee:  R90 per item.


Instrumental Recitals – Section C

In this section an INSTRUMENTAL RECITAL consisting of THREE or FOUR works of contrasting character and/or style periods may be performed.  The chosen works must be performed within the TIME LIMIT for the specific age group. Should time be necessary for the tuning of an instrument, this should also be done within the allocated time.

Entry Fee and Time limit:

8 en 10 en under: R200 - 4 min. max
12, 14, 16 en 17 en under: R200 - 5 min. max.
18+: R280 - 10 min. max.
Instrumental Duet Open: R350 - 12 min max.

Instrumental Ensemble – Section D

In this section a small group (minimum 4, maximum 10) of intrumentalists per item may perfrom. Only one work is expected.

Entry Fee and Time limit:

R180             2 min. max.

Percussion Band – Section E

In this section, schools that have percussion bands, may enter.  It is expected that melodic and/or non-melodic instruments are used.  Accompaniment may be done on piano, accordion or any other keyboard instrument.

A programme of THREE or FOUR works of contrasting character should be performed.

Entry Fee and Time limit:

R300          10 min. max.



For any information or queries regarding the Instrumental Section, please contact ms Ans Becker Cell 082 457 8171; or Email  ansbecker@gmail.com